Project name



Living, Holiday Apartments


Garding, Germany


26 Apartments


ca. 8.771.000 Euro

Works – Real Estate

"Open heart, wide horizon." The history of two legendary women, who can be found as Anne Bonny and Mary Read in records, sounds so cinematic that you might ask yourself why Hollywood was not inspired by them so far. For the new building project in North Frisian Garding close to the wide beaches from Sankt Peter Ording we tossed the history books and resurrected the most popular lady pirates of the Caribbean. We created the perfect frame for this gem. Garding might not be Tortuga, but definitely a hidden treasure. Can you smell the salty air? Us, too.


  • Creative concept

  • Naming

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate Design

  • Copywriting

  • Webdesign using Webflow

  • Editorial Design

  • 3D rendering interior and exterior

  • AI picture creating with Midjourney

Exclusively working for rockstars.