Project name



Living, Holiday Apartments


Glücksburg, Germany


16 Apartments


ca. 7.520.000 Euro

Works – Real Estate

In Hawaii you say "Aloha", in Glücksburg you say "Moin". We wanted this real estate project to taste like ice cream. The creative concept was about selling the summer using a retro surfer vibe to attract both locals and international investors. Launching the properties in winter time we created a desire for warmth and free space, that fitted perfectly with the architecture of the building. Can you feel the sand underneath your feet? You are very welcome.


  • Creative concept

  • Naming

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate Design

  • Copywriting

  • Webdesign using Webflow

  • Editorial Design

  • 3D rendering interior and exterior

  • AI picture creating with Midjourney

Exclusively working for rockstars.