Project name

La Lora


Living, Holiday Apartments


Büsum, Germany


46 Apartments


ca. 25.298.000 Euro

Works – Real Estate

LaLora, that is summer, salty air and mud flats. A special new building project in Büsum with 46 holiday apartments, that stands out. The bird of paradise among the seagulls.

We created a brand that not just looks different, but tastes and feels fresh, colorful, fun and a little bit like ice cream. The brief was to go unique, so we decided to not just simply go, but dance. From copywriting to the way-over-the-top website that we built with webflow, we simply loved everything about this project.


  • Creative concept

  • Naming

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate Design

  • Copywriting

  • Webdesign using Webflow

  • Editorial Design

  • 3D rendering interior and exterior

  • AI picture creating with Midjourney

Exclusively working for rockstars.