Branding and design agency

We are a team of hightech creatives and award winning designers.  

Branding and design agency

We are a team of hightech creatives and award winning designers.  

You can sum up our way of making an impact to your brand into one sentence:

Dance like



Custom talents.

Exclusively working for rockstars.

For every mission, we gather independent talents into a powerful team. A team able to defy conformity and get you that edge it takes to perform.

They are designers, copywriters, architects, programmers, 3D artists, and they can see your brand in ways you haven’t dreamt of yet.


You made the choice.

We make your brand, the ideas and the visual experience to match.



Scalable personal workforce.

Your design needs are getting more intense? Get extra designers, copywriters or developers ready to execute.


No extra time-consuming calls or meetings.

Brands can’t afford to lose time on anything beyond useful.


Tight project management.

You need it, we do it. Keep your focus on launching great products and landing new clients. We do the rest.


Featured work

Have we done our
first project for space
travel branch?
Oh yes, we have.

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4 new success stories

Real Estate

4 new success stories

Explore uncharted worlds,
but do it with a friend.

Our team loves to go fast and leave you dazzled as they pass. Kinda like a supernova, only more approachable (don't be shy).

UX Design


Can you kick it? Yeah, you can.

We got your back. We deliver by bringing the strategy and the creativity it takes to make an impact, by teaming up with some of the best talents out there.

We are part of a creative cosmos with more than awesome design. New things will be coming up soon. Will there be a jetpack involved? Maybe.

Stay tuned for the Nerdrave shop and the Gruf Foundation, it's going to be wild and wonderful.